Scouting Report: Will Fuller

Player Background:

True playmaker for the Notre Dame fighting Irish in both the kicking and receiving game.  In his final season with Notre Dame he was named team MVP with 62 receptions for 1,258 yards and 14 touchdowns.  Fuller has a knack for the big play and picking up chunk yardage with his downfield speed.


Will Fuller is at his best when he is able to stretch the field.  He excels as a kick returner, catch and run player and downfield threat in the passing game.  Fuller has the ability to open up the field for other players as defenders have to respect his ability to go deep for six on every play.

He attacks the football and has the ability to make contested catches downfield.  Fuller has a second gear and the ability to pull away from defenders after the catch.  At the combine he opened eyes with 4.32s 40 yard dash, he will be able to step in immediately to be a downfield threat and kick returner.


Will Fuller is a very limited route runner and primarily ran fades, posts, slants, and hitches.  His route tree was primarily limited to linear routes that accentuate his speed.  Teams will question his ability to run all of the routes and get in and out of breaks.

He occasionally gets the drops and needs to prove that he can consistently catch the football.  As a big play wide receiver, Fuller needs to prove that he will make the catches when the opportunity presents itself.  He also needs to show more consistency from game to game, but a better supporting cast will also help his efforts.


Will Fuller has the ability to step in and be an immediate playmaker and true vertical threat.  His skillset will allow him to be a productive complimentary receiver immediately and grow into a number two wide receiver role.  Fuller will also bring value as a kick returner immediately and can have an impact on field position.  He has the ability to have the type of impact that DeSean Jackson has had as a player.  As a rookie, Jackson was a big play wide receiver finishing with 900 yards and 2TD’s.  Fuller has the ability to have that level of production provided he steps into a good situation (ie. Houston Texans).


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