Scouting Report: Laremy Tunsil

Player Background:

A former five-star recruit coming out of high school, Tunsil was a stalwart at the left tackle position.  He dominated at Ole Miss, starting 28 career games and only allowed two sacks.  2 x Second Team All-American (AP), he has been recognized as the premier tackle in the NCAA. Tunsil is a special athlete with rare movement and body control at over 300lbs, a blue chip prospect who has continued to develop his game.


Laremy Tunsil at 6’5″ and 305lbs has a prototypical size at the left tackle position.  Tunsil is a true dancing bear with the ability to match up against speed rushers and the tenacity to punish defenders in the run game.  Tunsil uses his length to control defenders and keep them at a off balance with his punch, he also mirrors defenders effectively.  He has sweet feet and is able to recover from counter moves and finish defenders.  Tunsil is also a gritty run blocker with the ability to blow-up defenders downfield.  He is a physical player and special athlete.


There is little to dislike about Tunsil’s game.  He has been knicked up and missed a few games due to minor injuries (ankle surgery, partially torn bicep).  He is not an overpowering run blocker, but is successful utilizing his athleticism and effective technique.


Laremy Tunsil is a blue chip player who will step in day one and has the ability to play immediately at a pro bowl level.  Tunsil is an elite pass protector and will be a franchise left tackle for the next 10 years.  He compares well to Russell Okung, former Seahawks pro-bowler.  Okung stepped in day one and produced at a high level, Tunsil can do the same.  Both Okung and Tunsil possess rare athleticism and have struggled with minor injuries.

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