Scouting Report: Ezekiel Elliott

Player Background:

The best running back prospect to enter the draft since Adrian Peterson in 2007.  Last year Elliott led his team to a championship as the focal point of the Ohio State Buckeyes, as their heart and soul.  Elliott had back to back 2000+ total yard seasons, as the most completed back in college football.


Elliott all of the attributes required to be a feature back at the next level.  What makes Elliott so special is that he is a do it all back with the size to close out a game and wear down opposing teams and the speed to create big plays.

At 6’2 and 225lbs, Zeke has the size to withstand 30 touches a game and plays with a level of physicality to run over defenders.  He has the strength and leg drive to create 3-4 yards on plays that should be a loss of yards.  He is the type of back will produce chunk yardage in the second half of games due to his physicality.

Elliott also has the vision and patience to wait for his blocks to setup and that is part of what allows him to hit home runs.  Although Elliott is patience his is also decisive and his explodes out of his cuts.  He would be successful in a zone blocking scheme because of this ability and traditional offenses will like his patience in a pro-style offense.

Zeke also excels out of the backfield and is a proven pass catcher, who can create plays in the passing game.  Not only catching passes, but he also makes plays as a pass blocker.  One of the most aggressive pass blockers that has come into the league in the last decade.  He actually had the best season as a pass blocker that he could have in history.

Ezekiel Elliott was able to complete the perfect pass blocking season as a running back. He didn’t allow a sack, hit or even a hurry on 103 pass blocking snaps.


It is hard to say that Elliott has any glaring weaknesses, but he does have alpha personality.  This can cause some issues when he isn’t getting the ball as much as he would like, as he has called out coaching in the past.

Elliott doesn’t have elite speed, though he should run a 4.4-5s 40 yard dash. However, running backs do not require 4.3s speed to be effective especially when they are as big as Zeke.

Zeke is one of the best prospects at the position since the 2007 draft and should have an immediate impact.


When watching film of Elliott his versatility and power stand out.  He reminds me so much of Frank Gore, but he is a bigger version.  Elliott has the same downhill running style and is an excellent pass blocker.  He should have a productive carrier for 10+ years and be an asset in the passing game.  Whoever drafts Elliott won’t have to worry about the position for another 8-10 years.

Frank Gore



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