QB Rankings

2016 QB Rankings


1. Cardale Jones, QB, Ohio State | 6’5″ – 250lbs
If he gets the opportunity to play for another season as the starter, he could be the top prospect overall.  Cardale exhibits incredible poise for a 3 game starter, showed the ability to win, and has elite arm talent.  Excellent mobility, with the ability to make throws with accuracy outside the pocket.  Reminds me of a cross between Flacco (arm talent) and Russell Wilson (a bit less speed).  The type of player that can be the face of a franchise and excel in any offensive scheme.

2. Jared Goff, QB, Cal | 6’4″ – 210lbs
Accurate and mobile passer, with adequate arm strength.  Goff has solid mechanics and is a rhythm passer the ability to lead a team.  Cool under pressure he has the ability to stand in the pocket and deliver the ball under duress.  The type of quarterback that a team can build around and is not phased by pressure.

3. Carson Wentz QB, North Dakota State | 6’5″ – 240lbs
Possesses all of the tools required to be a franchise quarterback.  Prototypical size, big arm and good mobility make Wentz and intriguing prospect.  As a starter, led his team to 2 x FBS Championships.  Checks off all of the boxes but the level of competition will be a question teams will have to answer.

4. Conner Cook, QB, Michigan State | 6’4″ – 218lbs
Moves very well in the pocket and in the boot game with a big arm.  Needs to clean up his footwork as he relies too much on his arm.  The type of player that a coach could fall in love with and players will love.

5. Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis | 6’6″ – 230lbs
Above average size for the position with good mobility within the pocket.  Smart decision maker with a big arm and good touch on his passes.  Shows the ability to improvise on tape and is comfortable in and outside the pocket.  Reminiscent of Brock Osweiler, but more polished than Brock was coming out of college.  Has the mobility to succeed in a west coast offence and arm strength to succeed in a more vertical offense.

6. Christian Hackenberg, QB, Penn State | 6’4″ – 234lbs
Prototypical NFL size and arm strength, with decent mobility within the pocket.  Hackenberg, has all the skills you look for in a franchise QB.  The negative with Hackenberg is that he often throws into contested situations and doesn’t anticipate his receivers, often waiting for them to get open prior the release of the ball.  Even with these flaws, he still has the ability to be a franchise QB and those are invaluable.

Outside looking in…

Cody Kessler, QB, USC | 6’1″ – 210lbs
Can make all of the throws and has the ability to thread the needle.  Ability to stretch the field and lead receivers with good touch on the deep ball.  Has a high floor and is already a well developed prospect.




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