Top 100 Rankings

NFL 2016 Draft 

Joey Bosa, LB, Ohio State

1. Joey Bosa DE, Ohio State | 6’6″ – 275lbs
Dominant pass rusher with great length and athleticism.  Plays with great leverage and finishes when rushing the passer.  Has the ability to dip his shoulders coming off the edge and accelerate to the quarterback.  Reminiscent of Clay Matthews as a pass rusher and playmaker.

Laremy Tunsil

2. Laremy Tunsil OT Ole Miss | 6’5″ – 315lbs
More of a pass protector than a run blocker, Tunsil relies heavily on athleticism to protect the passer.  A willing and aggressive run blocker who will need to get stronger in order to be effective in the pro game.

Ronnie Stanley, OT, Notre Dame
3. Ronnie Stanley OT, Notre Dame | 6’5″ – 305lbs
Strong and athletic, these are two of the most coveted traits of LT in the NFL and Stanley has both.  The ability to finish opponents in the run game and mirror rushers off the edge, he should be a fixture at LT in the NFL.

Jalen Ramsey
4. Jalen Ramsey DB FSU | 6’1″ – 201lbs
Ramsey is a solid prospect at DB who has no weakness, he is well rounded and has played both corner and safety, which teams will value.  He is good in coverage, a sound tackler, and teams could view him as a perfect cover 2 corner.

Cardale Jones, QB, Ohio State
5. Cardale Jones QB, Ohio State | 6’5″ – 250lbs
If he gets the opportunity to play for another season as the starter, he could be the top prospect overall.  Cardale exhibits incredible poise for a 3 game starter, showed the ability to win, and has elite arm talent.  Excellent mobility, with the ability to make throws with accuracy outside the pocket.  Reminds me so much of Daunte Culpepper, he has almost the same measurables and comparable arm talent.  The type of player that can be the face of a franchise and excel in any offensive scheme.

6. Jaylon Smith ILB Notre Dame | 6’2″ – 235lbs
Versatile ILB with the ability to stop the run, rush the passer and cover in space.  He closes in ball carriers at an alarming speed, relentless in pursuit, and always around the ball.

7. Myles Jack LB UCLA | 6’1″ – 230lbs
Incredible athlete that will be a versatile weapon on defense.  Has the ability to roam sideline to sideline as well as cover RB’s and TE’s in space.  Has the strength and toughness to set the edge in the run game.  The only weakness in his game is that he is not a great pass rusher.

8. Ezekiel Elliott RB Ohio State | 6’0″ – 225lbs
Possesses all of the skills you look for in a franchise RB.  Has the ability to stick his foot in the ground and get vertical, the power to break tackles and produce at the goal line and the speed to go the distance.  However what makes him special is the vision and patience he has to setup his blocks and utilize them.

9. Jared Goff  QB California | 6’4″ – 205lbs
Prototypical West Coast QB, has the ability to make plays inside and outside of the pocket.  Goff is an accurate passer who makes “Wow” throws on occasion.  He has a quick release, sees the field well and is able to run through his progressions consistently.  Goff has exceptional footwork for a college prospect, which is a major benefit of the program that he is coming from running a pro-style system.  He doesn’t often hold on to the ball too long and is willing to throw to a spot and trust his receivers.

10. Vernon Hargreaves CB, Florida | 5’11” – 192lbs
Elite man coverage corner with the ability to read and react in zone.  Vernon is everything that you look for in a corner and could ascend up the draft board if he continues to perform.  He can cover man to man and not only break-up passes, but produce turnovers.  Has the ability to play in zone and has excellent feet and instincts, allowing him to close distance quickly and make plays across the secondary.  He reminds me of Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU, but is a more instinctual player.

11. A’Shawn Robinson DT Alabama | 6’4″ – 312lbs
A physically dominant player with sound technique.  Robinson pushes opponents into the backfield, easily sheds blockers and maintains the integrity of the defense.  He has all of the physical attributes to be an all-star in the league.  Robinson has the ability to collapse the pocket and is equally effective as a run and pass defender.

12. Shaq Lawson DE, Clemson | 6’3″ – 270lbs
Plays with leverage, elite effort, intelligence and is a consistent tackler.  Lawson uses his hands and leverage to disengage and diagnose plays.  He is a sure tackler and knows how to finish when he gets to the quarterback.  Plug and play DE day one, he should be able to step in and provide production.

13. DeForest Buckner DE/DT, Oregon | 6’7″ – 290lbs
A physical specimen at 6’7″ and a “lean” 290lbs, Buckner has incredible potential and shown great ability as a run stopper.  Very strong at the point of attack making it difficult for teams to run at him, and has the athleticism to chase sideline to sideline.  Reminds me of a more athletic Mario Williams (in his measurables and potential).  My only reservation is that he has trouble disengaging from blocks, which could be a coaching issue or partially due to his length.

14. Darron Lee OLB, Ohio State | 6’2″ – 228lbs
Gifted athlete with incredible closing speed.  Has the ability to cover sideline to sideline and closes on players with exceptional speed.  Is a true 3 down linebacker with the ability to cover and play in space.  Athletic player who should be able to matchup with backs and tight ends in coverage.

15.  Carson Wentz QB, North Dakota State | 6’5″ – 240lbs
Possesses all of the tools required to be a franchise quarterback.  Prototypical size, big arm and good mobility make Wentz and intriguing prospect.  As a starter, led his team to 2 x FBS Championships.  Checks off all of the boxes but the level of competition will be a question teams will have to answer.

16. Adolphus Washington DT, Ohio State | 6’4″ – 290lbs
Stout against the run, maintains leverage and does not get driven back.  Ability to get up field and make plays in the backfield, sometimes gets too far up field and out of the play.  Beats blockers with speed, quickness and use of his hands.  Doesn’t possess elite quickness or speed, but is a playmaker at the position.

17. Jack Conklin OT Michigan State | 6’6″ – 305lbs
A plug and play starter at the right tackle position, with the ability to be dominant in the run game. A road grader at the position who has the ability to spot the left tackle position if injury requires.  Can create holes in the run game.

18. Sheldon Rankins DT, Louisville | 6’2″ – 303lbs
Disruptive player with the ability to get upfield.  Occasionally gets washed in the run game, but plays with good leverage.  Plays with quickness and agility that is rare for his size.  Needs to gain strength.

19. Reggie Ragland ILB, Alabama | 6’2″ – 252lbs
A three-down linebacker with the ability to set the tone of the defense.  Leader in the middle of the field who doesn’t make mistakes and is a sound tackler.  Can rusher the passer, stop the run and drop into coverage.  Great closing speed and is ability to find his way to the ball carrier.

10. Laquon Treadwell WR, Ole Miss | 6’2″ – 229lbs
Elite quickness and ability to make people miss in the open field.  A physical receiver who is able to break tackles and beat press coverage.  He is a crafty route runner and uses his body control and quickness to create separation.  Treadwell also shows up in the biggest games and plays up to the moment, he can be a number one receiver and safety blanket for a QB.

20. Shilique Calhoun DE, Michigan State | 6’5″ – 250lbs
Athletically gifted disruptive playmaker off the edge.  Has the ability to beat tackles off the edge and run down plays from behind.  Finishes plays in the backfield.

21. Corey Coleman WR, Baylor | 5’10” – 190lbs
A true burner who can stretch the field and forces corners to respect his speed.  Will need to develop as a route runner, but can immediately step in as a vertical playmaker.  Has the ability to develop into a number one wide receiver in the Steve Smith mold.

22. Taylor Decker OT Ohio State | 6’7″ – 315lbs
A physical run blocking tackle withe the ability to create holes in the run game and punish defenders.  Ideal right tackle with the ability to be a stalwart for the next 10 years.

23. William Jackson CB, Houston | 6’2″ – 175lbs
A playmaker at the defensive back position.  Creates turnovers and takes the ball away from the offense.  Possess elite speed and can match up one-on-one with elite wide receivers.  A complete corner with the ability to step in day one and be productive.

24. Jason Spriggs OT Indiana | 6’5″ – 300lbs
 A true dancing bear at the position with athleticism and light feet.  Spriggs possess rare agility for those among his size, he has all-pro potential at the position.  May take some time to develop in the pros.

25. Mackenzie Alexander CB, Clemson | 5’10” – 190lbs
Pure cover corner who can erase receivers from the game.  Can follow receivers in the slot and stick with a receiver the entire game.  Able tackler, but has his biggest impact through limiting opposing wide receivers.

26. Kevin Dodd DE, Clemson | 6’4 – 270lbs
Breakout player, solid against the run and special ability as a pass rusher.  Flashes the ability to dip the shoulder off the edge and beat tackles off the snap.

27. Sheldon Rankins DT, Louisville | 6’2″ – 303lbs
Disruptive player with the ability to get upfield.  Occasionally gets washed in the run game, but plays with good leverage.  Plays with quickness and agility that is rare for his size.  Needs to gain strength.

28. Andrew Billings DT, Baylor | 6’2″ – 310lbs
Best suited to be a space eater.  Has the strength and power to anchor and absorb multiple blockers.  Best potential as a nose tackle or a run defending tackle in a 4-3 defense.  One of the few players who could develop into an elite nose tackle.

29.  Leonard Floyd OLB, Georgia | 6’4″ – 240lbs
Natural pass rusher and with excellent length and ability to cause havoc in the backfield.  Can beat tackles with speed and quickness and finish by securing the passer.  Athletic player who should be able to matchup with backs and tight ends in coverage.  Has the ability to dip and bend as a pass rusher and beat offensive tackles with speed.

30. Robert Nkemdiche DE, Ole Miss | 6’4″ – 290lbs
Explosive player who dominates with power and speed.  Is a disruptive player in the backfield and strong against the run.  Can play all the positions along the line and overpower guards and centres with his strength.

31. Josh Doctson WR, Texas Christian | 6’4″ – 195lbs
Highly reliable target with the ability to win jump balls.  Surprisingly fluid for his size, but lacks elite speed.  True hands catcher, snatches the ball out of the air and tracks the ball very well.

32. Germain Ifedi OT Texas A & M | 6’5″ – 324lbs
Ability to play on the right or left side of the offensive line.  Ifedi has the ability to move people in the run game and sufficient athleticism to hold up against speed rushers.  Versatile prospect who will be highly coveted because of his ability to play multiple positions.

33. Conner Cook, QB, Michigan State | 6’4″ – 218lbs
Moves very well in the pocket and in the boot game with a big arm.  Needs to clean up his footwork as he relies too much on his arm.  The type of player that a coach could fall in love with and players will love.

34. Ryan Kelly OC Alabama | 6’4″ – 311lbs
Athletic move player at the centre position, has the ability to pull in the run game.  Kelly is a polished player coming out of one of the top programs in the nation.  Possess the toughness, resilience and intelligence to be the leader of the offensive line.

35. Kendall Fuller CB, Virginia Tech | 5’11” – 195lbs
A ballhawk and playmaker on the field, he is able to put him self in position to make a play and has the ability to do everything you want in zone.  He just needs to prove that he can run with receivers in man coverage.

36. Will Fuller WR, Notre Dame | 6’0″ – 184lbs
A true vertical threat with the speed to beat corners down the field and off the line of scrimmage.  Able to make plays with the ball in space.

37. Alex Collins, RB, Arkansas | 5’11” – 216lbs
Quick back with incredibly quick feet and the ability to get through traffic in the hole.  Has success using his quickness to find space and then bursting through the hole.  Excellent vision and ability to cut and change direction without losing speed.

38. Cody Whitehair OG Kansas State | 6’4″ – 301lbs
High skilled player with the atheticism and balance to play at a high level.  Possess the strength and base to anchor against the pass and create lanes in the run game.  Whitehair has the ability to be a pro-bowl calibre guard at the next level.

39. Eli Apple CB, Ohio State | 6’1″ – 199lbs
Press cover who has the length and physicality to both man up receivers and step in and fill in the run game.  Not a highly instinctive player, but is able to make plays on when in good position in coverage.

40. Jonathan Bullard DT, Florida | 6’4″ – 300lbs
Great burst off the ball, plays with power and strength.  Disciplined player who maintains leverage and often chases plays down from behind.  Ability to create penetration and get in the backfield.

41. Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis | 6’6″ – 230lbs
Above average size for the position with good mobility within the pocket.  Smart decision maker with a big arm and good touch on his passes.  Shows the ability to improvise on tape and is comfortable in and outside the pocket.  Reminiscent of Brock Osweiler, but more polished than Brock was coming out of college.  Has the mobility to succeed in a west coast offence and arm strength to succeed in a more vertical offense.

42. Jonathan Bullard DT, Florida | 6’4″ – 300lbs
Great burst off the ball, plays with power and strength.  Disciplined player who maintains leverage and often chases plays down from behind.  Ability to create penetration and get in the backfield.

43. Le’Raven Clark OT Texas Tech | 6’5″ – 315lbs
Developmental prospect with elite athleticism and quickness.  Will need coaching in order to develop, but shows flashes of ability at the left tackle position.  In two years, Clark should be above average left tackle.

44. Noah Spence DE, Eastern Washington | 6’3″ – 260lbs
An explosive athlete off the edge, converts speed to power and overwhelms tackles.  At his best chasing down the quarterback off the edge, can set the edge in the run game and will have an immediate impact.

45. Nick Martin OC Notre Dame | 6’4″ – 299lbs
Physical player who loves to play in a phone booth.  Tough, gritty, loves physicality and excels as a run blocker.  Martin has the ability to play both guard and centre and has the ability to step in day one.  Athletically limited though.

46. Joshua Garnett OG Stanford | 6’4″ – 312lbs
Size, movement and intelligence are hallmarks of his game.  Garnett has the ability to play all of the interior line spots.  Has the toughness as well as mobility that will have offensive line coaches excited to work with him.

47. Karl Joseph S, West Virginia | 5’10” – 200lbs
One of my favourite prospects in this draft class.  He has the ability to play in space and lay momentum swinging hits.  He plays extremely physical for his size and is reminiscent of Bob Sanders.

48. Tyler Boyd WR, Pittsburgh | 6’2″ – 190lbs
Has the ability to do everything you want, he can take the top off of the defense, high point the ball, has the quickness to run the bubble screen and can also provide value as a returner.  Has the best hands I’ve seen in the last few years and shines in contested catch situations.

49. Vadal Alexander OG LSU |  6’5″ – 325lbs
Huge frame, plays with strength and power.  Has the ability to overpower defenders in the run game.  Heavy footed player who struggles with lateral quickness on the interior.  Best suited for a power run blocking scheme where he can use his big body and frame.

50. Jarran Reed DT, Alabama | 6’3″ – 311lbs
Dominant player who draws double teams.  Excels as a run defender and has ability to rush the passer.

51. Joshua Perry, LB, Ohio State

52. Shon Coleman, OT, Auburn

53. Su’a Cravens, S, UCLA

54. Jerell Adams, TE, South Carolina

55. Braxton Miller, WR, Ohio State

56. Austin Johnson, DT, Penn State

57. Xavien Howard, CB, Baylor

58. Christian Hackenberg, QB, Penn State

59. Willie Beavers, OT Western Michigan

60. Nick Vannett, TE, Ohio State

61. Sheldon Day, DT, Notre Dame

62. Kentrell Brothers, ILB, Missouri

63.  Michael Thomas, WR Ohio State

64. Nate Andrews S, Florida State

65. Kyler Fackrell, LB, Utah State

66. Chris Jones, DT, Mississippi State

67. Sterling Shepard, WR, Oklahoma

68. Devontae Booker, RB, Lousiana Tech

69. Carl Nassib, DE, Penn State

70. Javon Hargrave, DT, South Carolina

71. Kamalei Correa, OLB, Boise STate

72. Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama

73. Scooby Wright III, ILB, Arizona

74. Jalen Mills S, LSU 

75. Jack Allen, C, Michigan State

76. Rishard Higgins, WR, Colorado State

77. Dak Prescott, QB, Mississippi State

78. Spencer Drango, OT, Baylor

79. Tyler Matakevich, ILB, Temple

80. Kenyan Drake, RB, Alabama

81. Shawn Oakman, DE, Baylor

82. Roberto Aguayo, K, Florida State

83. Christian Westerman, OT, Arizona State

84. Artie Burns, CB, Miami (Fla.)

85. Willie Beavers, OT Western Michigan

86. Vonn Bell, S, Ohio State

87. Austin Hooper, TE, Stanford

88. Deion Jones, OLB, LSU

89. Paul Perkins, RB, UCLA

90. Geronimo Allison, WR, Illinois

91. Darian Thompson, S, Boise State

92. Cyrus Jones, CB, Alabama

93. Maliek Collins, DT, Nebraska

94. CJ Prosise, RB, Notre Dame

95. Jerald Hawkins, OT, LSU

96. Pharoh Cooper, WR, South Carolina

97. Kenny Clark, DT, UCLA

98. Jordan Jenkins, ILB, Georgia

99. Kyle Murphy, OT, Stanford

100. Kenneth Dixon, RB, Louisiana Tech


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